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Awesome free-to-play online multiplayer strategy game made by Goodgame Studios.

Let's Play Goodgame Empire Online

Goodgame Empire is a multiplayer, browser-based kingdom building game in the same mold as Clash of Clans, Evony, and Game of War: Fire Age. In typical fashion, you start with a small castle. You must direct your loyal subjects to plant farms for survival and gather wood, stone, and other supplies to create improved buildings, open up further avenues for construction, and increase your town's capabilities. Building can take a while, though; Goodgame Empire is the kind of game you play a few minutes at a time, issuing new orders and checking the results of your orders from last time.

Goodgame Empire Gameplay, Screenshots, Login

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How To Play The Empire Game

The tutorials in the beginning of Goodgame Empire are simple to use and navigate. It is very easy to catch onto the elements of this online strategy game. Your advisors and other subjects will occasionally present you with quests and other objectives to achieve, with rewards for doing so.

Eventually, you'll need to build defenses and recruit soldiers and commanders to protect your settlement -- you're protected from attack for seven real-time days after you start the game, but after that it's free for all.

Or perhaps you want the soldiers to raid your neighbors! Players can also join together in alliances for mutual defense. The goal of Goodgame Empire is to eventually build the most powerful kingdom in the world -- but there will always be someone looking to knock you off...

Goodgame Empire Tips & Tricks

1. Use a valid email address to receive all Goodgame Empire bonuses.
2. Login daily into Goodgame Empire to get the daily bonus and win prizes by acomplishing tasks.
3. Do not waste rubies to complete buildings in the early levels of the game.
4. The key ressource of the game is food. The most succesful players take care of food before they start a war!
5. Build 12 or more farmhouse's to increase your food production.
6. Always be attacking Robber Baron Castles because they are the main source of income.
7. Always send spies before attacking another players castle.
8. Always create the best defensive and offensive units that you can make.

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