Drunken Duel

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Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel is a fun addicting free online one button shooting game for 2 players. Duels are for real gentlemen, not for sissies. Drinking is also for true badass men. Mix them and experience the ultimate activity for those who think of themselves as the toughest, bravest men on Earth, but are truly the most idiotic living beings in the universe.

Luckily, in Silvergames.com you and your friends can shoot each other drunk without putting your lives at risk. Just keep shooting until you kill your opponent 5 times to win the match. Who is the better drunk shooter? Find out now or practice against the CPU. Have fun with this free online game Drunken Duel!

Controls: Arrows up = player 1, W = player 2

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