4 in a Row Multiplayer

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4 in a Row Multiplayer

4 in a Row Multiplayer is a free online board game where players have to form a column of the same-colored discs. Challenge your best friends or play with real people in the multiplayer mode. The goal in this game is to be the first to form a row of 4 or more pins. Each player has to drop one colored pin into one of the slots per turn. Rows can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, so it might get tricky. You can also play against the CPU and choose a difficulty level.

Play 4 in a Row Multiplayer on Silvergames.com. Before entering the game, you have to choose your opponent. In case you decide to try your hand against the AI, you can choose a difficulty level. Connect four, Four Up or Four in a Line - this cool strategy game is known all over the world. In order to win, you have to be the first to get your pieces in the straight line. Enjoy 4 in a Row Multiplayer on our website!

Controls: Mouse


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