Top HTML5 Games

Top HTML5 Games are fun games developed in the fifth version of Hypertext Markup Language, a computer language for marking up and linking texts. In this cool category you'll find fun puzzle games, fascinating simulators, jump'n'run adventures and much more. has collected the top HTML5 games for you and you can enjoy them online and for free.

Start with Airplane Simulator, a flying game in which you have to steer a plane through a 3D landscape without destroying it. Sit back and enjoy this difficult, but also relaxing airplane simulator. This flight simulator is just right for you if you like realistic graphics and smooth gameplay.

Or how about a real classic? Play Tetris, one of the best-selling games with absolute cult status. How could you forget the lively background music that was constantly playing while you arranged the blocks? Always hoping to create a horizontal line to make more space for the descending blocks. There are more fun games like Flip Master, Smarty Bubbles, UNO online and many more. Look through our cool collection of the top HTML5 games and have fun!

Top HTML5 Games

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