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Transformice is a free multiplayer parkour game by Atelier 801 in which you play a mouse on the hunt for some cheese. Play it for free with a friend and follow the Shaman to get your reward. Unlike other fun multiplayer online games, you are not trying to kill or otherwise destroy other players. You just need to be the best and jump, leap and climb to your treasure.

Play a mouse in this fun online Transformice game for free. Pay attention to your shaman, who will show you the way. All you need to do is follow their example to be awarded some cheese. Your mouse responds to all your commands and will go where you tell it to. To be the best in this game, you will need to work well under pressure. Climb over the platforms and get to your mouse hole. But don't forget the tasty cheese along the way. Your shaman will guide you through this online game.

Be careful, though. Every level has a strict time limit. There are also dangers that will make you fail the level. Your shaman will try to lay a path for you to succeed in. They will place huge platforms, colorful balloons and other aids in front of you. These are your best chance to get you to your goal. But even shaman skills have their limit. You will need to climb, jump and run to grab some cheese and bring it back home. Transformice is an unusual free multiplayer game, because other mice aren't your enemies. They are working hard to do the same tasks you do. As you get better at Transformice, you might unlock fun new online game modes. Maybe you will eventually become the shaman and help another mouse fulfill their cheese collecting duty.

Like their famous counterparts Mickey and Jerry, these mice are clever and ambitious. With your help they should be able to time their jumps just right to get to where they need to be. Luckily, even if you should fail, there is another chance to make it right waiting for you only a few seconds from now. Fulfill fun daily tasks to be rewarded and improve your little mouse's abilities. New challenges, new stages and new roles are waiting for you with every victory. Are you ready to sink your teeth into the best game full of cheese and challenge? Do you want to improve your skill tree and eventually take on the mantle of grand shaman yourself? Lead your fellow mouse adventurers to victory and full bellies.

Controls: Arrow Keys = Move / Jump

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