Waggle Balls 3D

Rating: 3.9

(9 votes)

Waggle Balls 3D

Waggle Balls 3D is a fun skill game that challenges you to move the board in order to make all the balls fit in the holes. You sure have played some version of this free online game in real life, but now on, in Silvergames.com you will get the chance to play whenever you want while pretending to study or work.

Gravity can be a true friend, or a nerve wracking obstacle, dependending on your skills. Spinning the board to make the balls roll all the way to the holes may sound too easy, but it starts to get tricky once you have to roll them through unleveled ground. Give it a try! Have fun playing Waggle Balls 3D online and for free!

Controls: Mouse


Waggle Balls 3D: MenuWaggle Balls 3D: Gameplay SkillsWaggle Balls 3D: Ball Golf GameplayWaggle Balls 3D: Gameplay Golf Ball Skills

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