Dragon Fist 3

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Dragon Fist 3

Dragon Fist 3 is a cool 1vs1 side view fighting game that you can play online and for free on Silvergames.com. This amazing martial arts game goes in the third round. Select a character and beat all other warriors to win the contest. You can choose your difficulty and then you have to fight against either one opponent or two.

When you have to fight against two, you receive less damage from their hits compared to the 1vs1 showoff. Make sure to catch you opponent offguard with your amazing martial arts skills. You have to compete in 10 showoffs to win the competition. Play versus AI or another human player. Have fun with Dragon Fist 3!

Controls: AD = move, W = jump, S/T/Y = fight

Como se Juega

Dragon Fist 3: MenuDragon Fist 3: Character SelectionDragon Fist 3: Gameplay Fighter ConfrontationDragon Fist 3: Gameplay Fighters Snow Mutiplayer

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