Storm The House 2

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Storm The House 2

Storm The House 2 is a great tower defense game and you can play it online and for free on Defend your castle from the attacking stickmen. Shoot all ememies as fast as you can. Upgrade your weapon, hire gunmen, craftsmen and buy missile silos. Aim and shoot with your mouse and reload your weapon with the spacebar.

You can hire a gunman, who shoots random targets for you, or a craftsman, who fixes up your place by slowly recharging your health, or a missile silo, which shoots missile death out into the battlefield and hits random groups of enemies. Equip yourself well, so you survive everyday. Are you ready to defend your base? Have fun with Storm The House 2!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Spacebar = Reload

Como se Juega

Storm The House 2: MenuStorm The House 2: Upgrade DefenseStorm The House 2: Attack Defense GameplayStorm The House 2: Gameplay Attack Shooting

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