3D Billiard Pyramid

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3D Billiard Pyramid

3D Billiard Pyramid is a cool billiard game for 2 players to enjoy some 8 ball matches against a friend or the CPU. As you should already know, there are six pockets and your task is to hit one ball with your stick in order to make it hit another ball into one of those pockets. The twist in this game is you get to choose which ball to use.

Normally you would have to hit the white ball to make all others roll into the pockets, but in this free online game, color doesn’t matter. Choose which ball to hit as the white ball and try to deposit 8 balls into the holes of the table before your opponent to win the match. Have fun with this free online game 3D Billiard Pyramid on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


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