Excavator Building Master

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Excavator Building Master

Excavator Building Master is a fun excavator operating game that challenges you to control one of these insanely heavy machines to gather some resources. Today Silvergames.com will teach you everything you have to learn about operating an excavator with a fun addicting free online game.

What’s so different about maneuvering one of these vehicles? Well, the right answer would be, it’s not really a vehicle,but a working tool. Its tracks are designed to work on all types of ground and are able to make you rotate in order to use your giant hydraulic shovel, which has different articulations, similar to a human arm. Do you think you are skilled enough to control an excavator? Find out now and have fun playing this free online game Excavator Building Master!

Controls: WASD = drive, QE = rotate, Arrows = control shovel


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