Forest Hunter

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Forest Hunter

Forest Hunter is a cool first-person hunting simulator that requires perfect aiming and lots of patience. You can play this hunting game online and for free on Go out to the forest and try to hunt down deers, wolves, rabbits or other animals. Aim precisely and use different kinds of weapons. Each level offers you a different mission, so read closely and try to fulfill your goals. Earn money to upgrade your weapons and try to clear each and every step. Keep in mind, some of the animals will attack you if they feel threatened and some will just run away. Try not to miss a single shot or you might ruin your hunting day. 

You can't move back and forward but you can look around. Search carefully for deer silhouettes and wait for the right moment to pull the trigger. Since you can't get closer, it might be quite difficult to hit all the moving targets. You will get more points for a headshot than for a bodyshot. Keep in mind that the time is limited. Finish with some seconds left and get extra points. You can use earned money to upgrade your weapon or buy a new gun or a rifle. Have fun with Forest Hunter!

Controls: Mouse = aim / shoot, Right click = zoom


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