Goodgame Empire

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is an online war strategy game by Goodgame Studios, in which you build a powerful empery. You have been entrusted with your very own castle but you own still a small empire. It's now up to you to expand it and turn it into a huge kingdom. Build houses for your people, so that they can help you gather the means to grow. Be an impressive emperor , recruit new armies and lead them into battles to conquer new lands. Or seek an alliance with other players. It's a viable strategy in this online empire building game to find people to join forces with.

Your kingdom needs more than just a big castle. It needs a good leader like you to make it into the most glorious empire of four kingdoms. You are free to forge your own path as you play, enacting your strategy. In Goodgame Empire you will rise and fall based on how well you play. Use your multiplayer alliances as security before taking on scarier enemies.

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