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Gulper .io is another awesome multiplayer online IO game about snakes that just won’t stop becoming larger and fatter. Collect little orbs scattered all over the field to grow, and use your body to make other players crash against it to kill them and eat their remains. The larger you are, the easier it gets to trap other players with your body, so you better keep moving looking for food. This game offers you a really nice look to enjoy the simple, but fancy graphics as much as possible.

Eat as many orbs as possible to become the longest snake in the room. Try to encircle your opponents to trap them inside your own snake, so they have no other option but to crash against you and die. At the same time you have to be careful not to be circled in by someone else. Can you escape the attacks of your enemies and be the last one standing? Slide right to the top of the leaderboard and enjoy Gulper IO online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse = move, Click = speed up


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