Hospital Surgeon

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Hospital Surgeon

Hospital Surgeon is a fun and educational surgery simulator game. Here you take on the role of one of the medical staff, entrusted with the care of injured patients. You will need to work with your nurses and assistants to chart the best approach to help. Note that while the game's graphics are not meant to be hyper-realistic, they are fairly explicit in their depiction of blood and inner organs.

If you don't like realistic surgeon simulator games and a little blood, go right ahead! Get acquainted with your tools and use them properly and quickly to help your patients' recovery. You need to be orderly and use your medical equipment carefully. If you don't, you might make things worse for those kids. In some cases your mistakes may even have fatal consequences! So better do your best to make sure that every person in your care makes it through the procedure unharmed. People have trusted you with their physical well-being after all, so treat it accordingly.

You only have a limited amount of time to treat each injury and to make sure your patient stabilizes afterwards. You will be a rewarded stars according to how well you manage to do it. Enjoy playing Hospital Surgeon, a free simulator game on!

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