Into Space

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Into Space

Into Space is a funny upgrade game created by BabarianGames, that you can play online and for free on Aim of the game is to launch a rocket into space in the shortest amount of days possible. Control the rocket with mouse or arrow keys and use collected money to upgrade your skyrocket.

Pick up bonuses to earn money, restore fuel or repair. Lightning strike will turn off the engine and hitting any object will damage the hull. Fly through gates to speed up and be even faster. Do you think you can make it far in this fun distance game? Find out now and good luck with Into Space!

Controls: Mouse


Into Space: InstructionsInto Space: MenuInto Space: GameplayInto Space: Upgrade Rocket DistanceInto Space: FlyingInto Space: Rocket Distance GameplayInto Space: Gameplay Rocket DistanceInto Space: UpgradesInto Space: Rocket

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