Knife Hit 2

Rating: 4.1

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Knife Hit 2

Knife Hit 2 is a fun reaction game that you can play online and for free on It is the sequel to the cool knife throwing game that’s all about aim and patience. You have lots of knives and a spinning wheel with a guy strapped to it, what would you do? THROW KNIVES AT IT! You see a huge, creepy eye right in front of you... THROW KNIVES AT IT!

So you get how this game goes, just throw all blades to stab them into the spinning target and avoid hitting obstacles or your own knives. And try not to aim at the poor people who got tied to the wheel! Collect gems to unlock new cool blades and reach as far as possible. One mistake and you are out. Enjoy Knife Hit 2!

Controls: Mouse


Knife Hit 2: MenuKnife Hit 2: Throwing KnivesKnife Hit 2: Gameplay Knice Thworing ExplodeKnife Hit 2: Gameplay Knifes Throwing

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