Pull Pins

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Pull Pins

Pull Pins is a fun addicting brain teaser about pulling pins in the right order to clear up the stage. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Your goal in this game is to lead all the colored balls inside of the basket on the bottom of the screen. Avoid having the grey ones roll into it or you will lose the level. In order to eliminate them, just mix them all with the colored ones and then open up their way down.

Once a grey ball touches a colored one, it turns into a colored ball, which means that one colored ball is enough to get rid of the grey ones. Your challenge consists in finding out which pin to remove first, in order to color them all and leading them into the basket. Try to find the way to clear every stage and have fun with Pull the Pin!

Controls: Mouse


Pull Pins: Brainteaser GameplayPull Pins: Gameplay Colorful BallsPull Pins: Physics Based GamePull Pins: Pin Puller

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