Rope Slash 2

Rating: 3.9

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Rope Slash 2

Rope Slash 2 is a cool rope cutting game in which you have to hit all the cans with a ball to clear stage after stage. You can play this game online and for free on In this game you will see a ball hanging off a rope and your goal is to slash the rope at the right moment, in order to make the ball hit all the cans. Also, you may have to collect a key on your way to the cans, so get ready for a true challenge.

Trampolines, obstacles and realistic physics make this game really enjoyable. Try to collect three keys to enter the chest room and choose three chests full of diamonds. Do you think you can master the laws of physics and control your timing to complete all stages? Try it now and have fun playing Rope Slash 2!

Controls: Mouse


Rope Slash 2: MenuRope Slash 2: Gameplay Physics BasedRope Slash 2: Gameplay PhysicsRope Slash 2: Treasure Chest

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