Stickman Warfield

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Stickman Warfield

Stickman Warfield is a fascinating strategy battle game in which you have to send out specific troops to fight the opponent's soldiers. Withstand the attack of hundreds of enemy soldiers and send all the units you can to eliminate them all before they get to invade your side of the battlefield.

Your goal in this free online game is to reach the end flag of every level. Buy units during the battle with automatically generated money, but decide which units to send first and when to advance. There are rifle units, sub-machine gun units, snipers and more. Earn cash to unlock all the types of soldiers and upgrade them all. Have fun playing Stickman Warfield, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


Stickman Warfield: MenuStickman Warfield: Tutorial AttackStickman Warfield: Attack Gameplay UpgradeStickman Warfield: Gameplay Attack Soldiers

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