The Visitor Returns

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The Visitor Returns

The Visitor is back and ready to kill everybody and conquer the Earth! This installment is another science fiction horror puzzle game and takes place on a campground. Help the alien to eat all living organisms and absorb their vital juices to become larger and more more powerful. Click on the different items on the screen and try to solve all the puzzles to help the visotoe eat more and more and become stronger. Enjoy the visitors come back to the Grande Bouffe.

Your objective in this game is to kill and eat everything to make you bigger and then again go about your parasite life. How to best approach the man in the camper? Probably you should make the dog leave first, or you will be eaten alive. In the end you get to kill the woman in the camper in several different ways. You are a cruel invader and no one is safe from your spiky teeth. Have fun with this tricky puzzle game The Visitor Returns online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse = Select


The Visitor Returns: GameplayThe Visitor Returns: ParasiteThe Visitor Returns: ScreenshotThe Visitor Returns: Strategy GameThe Visitor Returns: Worm

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