Tom Gold Run

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Tom Gold Run

Tom Gold Run is a fascinating distance game to enjoy online and for free on Control Tom, a very skillful cat that seems to have made someone really angry. As Tom runs, all you need to do is to move right or left, jump and slide to avoid all kinds of obstacles on your way. Collect lots of coins to buy cool stuff that will help you reach further, and use different kinds of power-ups you can find on your way, like a coin magnet or a little, but helpful airplane.

Use the space bar to change to the skateboard and move even faster and smoother. It is your aim to flee from whoever is chasing you and not hit any obstacles in your way. Dodge the trucks coming your way but try to still get all the stars - you have to take some risks here to get everythig you want. How far can you go without being caught? Enjoy Tom Gold Run!

Controls: Arrows = move, Space = use power-up


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