Torturomatic 2

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Torturomatic 2

It's time to torture some stickmen again. Torturomatic 2 is the sequel to the popular torture game. After bloody riots in the stickman city, all the criminals have been caught and now it's time to punish them. More blood, more spikes, more traps, and more pain. Choose fair punishment according to the crimes each victim has committed and don't show mercy. Use arrow keys to guide the stickman to the most painful outcome.

Guide your stickman through this maze like room and make him suffer as much as possible. Try to not make him die immediately to gain the most points. How about drowning the little man or catapulting him from one side of the wall to the other? Make him walk over spikes or shoot him with a laser gun. Just try out all the traps you can find and set the new highscore. Much fun with Torturomatic II - the interactive torture machine. Have fun!

Controls: Arrow keys = Move


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