Touch the Bubbles 3

Rating: 3.9

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Touch the Bubbles 3

Touch the Bubbles 3 is an awesome mouse avoider game developed by Komix Games and Gamebalance. Mission of the game is to pop all bubbles without touching a wall or a red shape. Is anything more satisfying than popping bubbles? Just try out this cute bubble game and have endless hours of fun.

The levels will become increasingly difficult so don't lean back after a single level. Slide through gates and avoid scissors and make it to the end of every level as fast as possible. Are you ready yet? Find out now and have fun with Touch the Bubble 3, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Touch The Bubbles 3: MenuTouch The Bubbles 3: Gameplay Pop BubblesTouch The Bubbles 3: Maze Bubbles GameplayTouch The Bubbles 3: Gameplay Bubble Puzzle

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