Traffic Slam 2

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Traffic Slam 2

Traffic Slam 2 is a really awesome 3D racing game made by XForm and you can play it online and for free on You are the driver of the hottest car in town and your mission is to do as much damage as possible.

Slam into everything you see, in order to get points. At the end of the mission you can use a fuse to blow up everything that you didn't destroy yet. But be careful, don't be too close when it detonates after a few seconds. Test out all available routes to maximize your score and use 'Air time' to slam into more traffic. Enjoy Traffic Slam 2!

Controls: Arrows = Steer, Space = Activate Detonator, Shift = Drift, C = Camera


Traffic Slam 2: MenuTraffic Slam 2: Gameplay Car RacingTraffic Slam 2: Gameplay Car DestructionTraffic Slam 2: Gameplay Car Explosion

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