Adam and Eve Go

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Adam and Eve Go

Adam and Eve Go is the new sequel of the fun addicting point and click platform puzzle game Adam and Eve. This time, you get to control Adam’s movements to run and jump all the way to his beloved Eve, stage by stage. Don’t forget to pick up lots of food and, of course, a nice, beautiful flower for the prehistoric wife.

Normally, Adam would walk and act just by your clicks, but now you have opportunity to move however and wherever you want. Try to interact with other characters and objects to clear your way to the end of ever level, which is Adam’s house. You may have to collect stuff and take it to specific places, so use your head and don’t give up. Have fun with this free online game Adam and Eve Go on!

Controls: Arrows / WAD = move / jump


Adam And Eve Go: MenuAdam And Eve Go: Adam In Elevator GameplayAdam And Eve Go: Gameplay Platform Puzzle GameAdam And Eve Go: Level Ladder

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