Amazing Run 3D

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Amazing Run 3D

Amazing Run 3D is a fun running platform game with a cool character that can slow down other object’s movements. If you are a fan of free online games with obstacle courses, today you will get the chance of finishing some impossible levels by doing a bit of supernatural cheating.

This little character will automatically run forwards to the finish line, but there are some moving obstacles on the way, like wrecking balls, cars or just blocks sliding from side to side. Your goal will be to slow down those obstacles to be able to run past them without being hit. Think you can master this super power? Try it now and have fun playing this free online game Amazing Run 3D on!

Controls: Mouse


Amazing Run 3D: MenuAmazing Run 3D: Gameplay Obstacles ReactionAmazing Run 3D: Gameplay Reaction ObstaclesAmazing Run 3D: Obstacles Gameplay Reaction

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