Axe Throw

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Axe Throw

Axe Throw is a fun aiming and throwing game to practice your skills as a viking throwing axes at moving targets. You can play this game online and for free on There is surely no need to mention this is one of the most badass activities invented by human beings, and probably one of the most dangerous as well. That’s why it’s better to enjoy it safe and comfy right here.

Just throw your axes to hit the targets and pass level after level. At first, you could think it’s way too easy, but the first levels are always to warm up and learn the rules. One of the targets start sliding across spinning pipes, blocked by moving obstacles that make you lose if you hit them, and a too short amount of tries, it starts to get more challenging. Have fun playing Axe Throw!

Controls: Mouse


Axe Throw: MenuAxe Throw: Throwing AxeAxe Throw: Test Rotating AimAxe Throw: Successfull Throwing

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