Cube Battle Royale

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Cube Battle Royale

Cube Battle Royale is a fascinating free online multiplayer shooting game with a thrilling zombie theme. You find yourself in the middle of the woods, surrounded by evil bloodthirsty zombies and your only goal is to get the hell out of there. Find guns to kill those undead bastards and find the radio generator before they get to kill you.

You can play this game by yourself or with another player on the same computer. Grab your best friend and try to master the world of zombies and monsters and kill them all. Are you ready? Find out and have fun with this free online game Cube Battle Royale on!

Controls: WASD = move, Space = shoot, E = interact


Cube Battle Royale: MenuCube Battle Royale: Gameplay Monster Attack 2 PlayersCube Battle Royale: Shooting Enemies

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