Dibbles 3: Desert Despair

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Dibbles 3: Desert Despair

Dibbles 3: Desert Despair is a fun platform puzzle game that challenges you to clear the way for the king to reach the finish of every stage. Have you ever played Lemmings? This free online game is very similar. You have to give a task to every unit in order to find a way to the exit.

All that matters is that the king reaches the pyramid at the end of every stage. All the other little minions can just drown, explode or fall into a cruel death, as long as the king gets to his destination. Do you think you can solve each and every level? Use the stones wisely and have fun playing Dibbles 3: Desert Despair, another free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


Dibbles 3: Desert Despair: MenuDibbles 3: Desert Despair: Gameplay Point ClickDibbles 3: Desert Despair: Gameplay Point And ClickDibbles 3: Desert Despair: King Obstacles Gameplay

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