Flying Car Stunt 2

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Flying Car Stunt 2

Flying Car Stunt 2 is a cool racing game for 2 players you can play online and for free on Control a futuristic and powerful car with wings on its sides and try to reach the finish line of every level. Be careful with the giant hammers and axes on your way to the finish or you will be pushed out of the path. Use your wings to perform the craziest stunts and earn points to set the highest score possible.

Grab your best friend and speed with these fancy sport cars in 2-Player mode to see who is the fastest. You can also speed by yourself against time and enjoy the whole screen for yourself. Are you ready for this fast-paced adventure? Find out and have fun with Flying Car Stunt 2!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, T / P = nitro


Flying Car Stunt 2: GameplayFlying Car Stunt 2: MultiplayerFlying Car Stunt 2: Racing GameFlying Car Stunt 2: Screenshot

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