Hard Life

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Hard Life

Hard Life is a gore game to look death in the eye and just keep running forward, just like in real life. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Your goal in this horizontal platform game is to control the unlucky characters to make them walk to the end of levels packed with horrible traps and torture tools. Collect all three stars in every level to unlock new characters, like a ninja, a creepy alien or Mr. Donald Trump himself. How many times are you going to die tragically before reaching the finish line? Try it now!

Crawl under the turning chain saw, jump over the mine and try to not be close when the metal container explodes. Jump from platform to platform and time your approach strategically, so you don't blunder into a trap and die dramatically. Don't be shocked by the bloody death that you'll die if you don't mind your step carefully. Are you ready to face this hard life? Find out and have fun with Hard Life!

Controls: Arrows = move


Hard Life: GameplayHard Life: HurdlesHard Life: ScreenshotHard Life: Survival

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