Heroball Adventures

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Heroball Adventures

Heroball Adventures is a fun platform game with a friendly and round little character that needs to find all its friends. Take on the role of a bouncy ball and start moving and jumping through every stage to find all the characters trapped in those horrible cages, but try not to be harmed by all the traps and enemies.

Gaps on the floor, laser beams and evil square monsters with crazy eyes can already sound pretty threatening, but there’s nothing balls hate more than spikes. Avoid all of those things as you try to reach the end of every level collecting stars and friends. Have fun playing this free online game Heroball Adventures on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows / WAD = move / jump


Heroball Adventures: MenuHeroball Adventures: Gameplay Red Ball PlatformHeroball Adventures: Gameplay Platform Red BallHeroball Adventures: Red Ball Jumpnrun

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