Kaleidoscope Drawing

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Kaleidoscope Drawing

Kaleidoscope Drawing is a cool art painting game in which you get to make the most wonderful kaleidoscope type drawings. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. As your canvas keeps spinning, you will be able to paint with multiple brushes forming a circle to create psychedelic patterns with different layers and textures.

There are lots of different types of brushes and colors to create beautiful pieces of art, which you can download and save on your computer. Explore all the options you can use and try to design mind blowing patterns to use as your background image, to hang in your bedroom or even to print on a T shirt. Have fun playing Kaleidoscope Drawing!

Controls: Mouse


Kaleidoscope Drawing: Pattern ColorfulKaleidoscope Drawing: Gameplay DrawingKaleidoscope Drawing: Beautiful PatternKaleidoscope Drawing: Individual Creation

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