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MercZone is a fascinating multiplayer online first person shooter which you can enjoy for free on Choose your class of mercenary and enter a battlefield full of really competitive players just like you to try to lead the match. As usual in this type of shooting games, the more players you kill, the higher your score, so aim good and shoot fast.

You like to go ahead and pull the trigger like a maniac? There’s a class of character suited especially for you. Are you more the camping type of player, waiting for your victims to expose themselves from large distances? Then go with the sniper class and blow your opponents’ heads off. Have fun playing this free online game MercZone!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Shift / C = crouch / slide, Space = jump, G = grenade


MercZone: A MenuMercZone: Gameplay DeathMercZone: MultiplayerMercZone: Sniper Attack

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