Minecraft Classic

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Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is the original Minecraft playable in your web browser. Play this legendary game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Developer Mojang has released 'Minecraft Classic' to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular multiplayer sandbox game. Now you can play this mining and crafting game online with your friends. Create your own buildings and all kinds of structures with blocks. Enter the huge world on Minecraft and start crafting different types of blocks. Build tunnels, buildings, castles and whatever you can imagine.

The whole world lays in your hands and you can form it just the way you want to. Choose between different materials and make the world your own. Work yourself down into the earth to build a cave or create your very personal stairway to heaven. There are set no limits to your creativity! Invite friends over to enjoy this free multiplayer game together, simply by copying and sharing a link. The world is your canvas, so set free your imagination and have fun with Minecraft Classic!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = build / remove, 1-0 = items


Minecraft Classic: MenuMinecraft Classic: Minecraft New LandMinecraft Classic: Block World Planting

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