Phineas Saw Game

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Phineas Saw Game

Phineas Saw Game is a another sequel to the fun point'n'click puzzle adventure and you can play it online and for free on Play this funny saw game with the popular cartoon characters Phineas and his friends. Your object in the Phineas Saw Game is to defeat badass Pigsaw to rescue settled Ferb, cute duckbill Perry and Isabella, the smart girl scout.

Browse the screen for useful items and collect them in order to combine them or make them interact with other objects on the screen. Your friends need your help and you are the only one who can save them from the evil Pigsaw who plays these horrific games only for his own amusement. Can you rescue your friends? Find out now and much fun with Phineas Saw Game!

Controls: Mouse


Phineas Saw Game: MenuPhineas Saw Game: Map Point Click GameplayPhineas Saw Game: Puzzle Point Click PhineasPhineas Saw Game: Pigsaw Phineas Gameplay

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