Stickman Bike Racer

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Stickman Bike Racer

Stickman Bike Racer is a fun and simple stickman bike riding game. Take on the role of a happy little stickman and ride a mountain bike to reach as far possible until you run out of energy. Of course, you can collect energy drinks on your way to keep going and set the highest score possible.

Balance your stickman to avoid falling down and ride as fast as you can. Your run will be over once your stickman runs out of stamina. How far can you advance on these hilly grounds before you fall on your back or just get too tired to keep going? Find out now and have fun with this free online game Stickman Bike Racer on!

Controls: Arrows = ride / balance


Stickman Bike Racer: MenuStickman Bike Racer: Gameplay Bicycle PowerStickman Bike Racer: Hilly Cycling Red StickmanStickman Bike Racer: Stickman Crash

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