Stickman Warriors

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Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors is a fun-addicting physics-based fighting game with a sort of one button dynamic and you can play it online and for free on All you control in this game is a green analog joystick to move your stickman in any direction of the two-dimensional field. Try to hit your opponents to kill them all before they get to kill you. You can finish every level with up to 3 stars, so do your best to finish as fast as possible, without any boosters or much damage taken.

Can you defy physics and win fight after fight against countless enemies? Each level your opponents will become harder to defeat. Can you win against three nasty stickmans who are trying to get to you? In this game it is all about life or death so put all your energy into this fight - it might be your last. Are you ready to kill every stickman crossing your way? Find out and enjoy Stickman Warriors!

Controls: Mouse


Stickman Warriors: Fighting GameStickman Warriors: GameplayStickman Warriors: One Button GameStickman Warriors: Screenshot

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