Surfing Hero

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Surfing Hero

Surfing Hero is a fascinating surfing stunt game in which you have to control a skillful and brave surfer to perform the most amazing tricks. Grab your board and go master the huge waves of this cool free online game and win the gold medal while collecting lots of coins at extremely high speed.

Surfing is for cool people only. Imagine spending all your time at the beach, patiently waiting for the biggest, most aggressive waves to just tame them, standing on your board and doing incredible air spins and flips on top of it. Sounds interesting, right? That’s what this game is all about! Choose your character and enjoy Surfing Hero, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


Surfing Hero: MenuSurfing Hero: Character Selection SurfingSurfing Hero: Surfing Tricks GameplaySurfing Hero: Gameplay Surfing Tricks

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