Torture the Trollface

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Torture the Trollface

Torture the Trollface is a funny and maybe a bit cruel torturing game on for you to play online and for free. In this clicker game you get to make a poor, unfortunate bastard suffer like no one could ever imagine. Start hitting him with your bare hands and unlock new tools, like a handgun, a knife or even water to suffocate him.

Just select your favorite weapon and keep clicking on the trollface until he dies, then just start again and let the fun continue. How about setting him on fire and watching him burn? Enjoy playing Torture the Trollface!

Controls: Mouse


Torture The Trollface: MenuTorture The Trollface: Ragdoll Before TortureTorture The Trollface: Torturing Fire And WaterTorture The Trollface: Torturing Ragdoll

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