Ultimate Knockout Race

Rating: 4.0

(174 votes)

Ultimate Knockout Race

Ultimate Knockout Race is a fun multiplayer online racing game with funny little characters that compete on tracks full of obstacles. Take on the role of one of these cute runners with tiny clumsy legs that run like crazy to reach the finish line first without falling out of the tracks by all those moving obstacles.

Short legs, long arms and chubby bodies is not something you are looking for when you think about professional runners. Yet these adorable creatures compete on a whole different level, on which cuteness weighs more than victory. Try to finish first and earn gems to unlock new skins! Have fun with this free online game Ultimate Knockout Race on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = run, Space = jump


Ultimate Knockout Race: Menu RaceUltimate Knockout Race: Skin SelectionUltimate Knockout Race: Gameplay RunningUltimate Knockout Race: Hurdle Running

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