Rating: 4.2
Оценка: 4.2 (848 Голоса)
  Оценка: 4.2 (848 Голоса)
[] is an amazing platform game that you can play online and for free on Haven’t you always hated platform games with their stupid gaps? Falling to your death on the same spot like a thousand times? Today you will get to play on the other side of pure evil. In Yumy. IO, a fun and addictive online multiplayer IO game, you control those infernal holes in the ground. Control a tiny little hole moving through the city swallowing all kinds on tasty objects, from traffic cones to the Eiffel Tower. The more you absorb, the larger you will grow. So don’t stop eating or another, bigger player will have you for lunch!

Start by eating little objects like small trees, traffic lights or park benches. Once you've incorporated enough small things you will be big enough to go for cars and skyscrapers eventually. Can you become the biggest gap of them all? Roam through the streets and always stay hungry. Go get them all and become the leader of the match. Enjoy Yumy IO!

Controls: Mouse

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