3D Bubble Rush

Rating: 4.1

(13 votes)

3D Bubble Rush

3D Bubble Rush is a fascinating platform action 3D stickman game with lots of enemies, explosions and special skills. Control a badass hero and get rid of all the baddies in this free online game on Silvergames.com. There are all sorts of villains in this game, from robots, to warriors to UFO’s, so get ready for an epic fight.

Run across the stage and just punch and kick the crap out of your attackers, unleashing cool special abilities and using explosives on your way. You can upgrade your character in many ways and even unlock new heroes, like a photographer who takes the most shocking shots. Just start playing and you’ll see. Enjoy this fast paced free online game 3D Bubble Rush!

Controls: Mouse


3D Bubble Rush: Menu3D Bubble Rush: Fighting Gameplay3D Bubble Rush: Fighting Gameplay Distance3D Bubble Rush: Gameplay Fighting Fun

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