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What are Strategy Games?

Strategy games are complex, challenging games in which players need to plan ahead in order to succeed. They often are set during war times, with World War 2 being a particularly popular setting for such games. Command your military forces in real time, or in a turn based scenario against your opponents. If you're not a fan of historical settings, try strategy games set in space or the distant future. These fun, free online games about tactical decisions and strategic planning will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Spend them plotting and scheming to achieve world domination. Or at the very least the sweet taste of victory! Expand your empire until it is unstoppable. Or take charge of a tower defense and make sure no enemies make it through. Not all those games are for kids, but they are still easy to understand.

But free strategy games here at aren't just about military power. Some are about far more violent things, like running a business. Invest your money wisely to create a profit-generating machine to take you to the top. Fun strategy games like Civilization, X-Com, Masters of Orion II or Command & Conquer are still held in high regard. As a player, you need to learn the game's hidden logic. Solve the puzzle before you and develop a clever plan to win this online game.

You will have to survive wars, city management or even zombies to win. Plan wisely, choose carefully and win gloriously!

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