Curvy Punch 3D

Rating: 4.0

(219 votes)

Curvy Punch 3D

Curvy Punch 3D is a fun addicting 3D stickman fighting game with crazy elastic characters who throw amazing punches. You can play this game online and for free on Imagine you are a stick person with an elastic arm who can throw the curviest punches, from very large distances to defeat your opponents in one on one duels. Sounds awesome, right?

Start throwing punches to hit obstacles and then knock your enemies out. Win battles to earn coins and use them to level up your life points or your elasticity to become unstoppable. How many people can you knock out without losing a fight? Enjoy playing Curvy Punch 3D!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = throw punches


Curvy Punch 3D: MenuCurvy Punch 3D: Gameplay HittingCurvy Punch 3D: Gameplay Duel BoxingCurvy Punch 3D: Elastic Arm

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