Deep and Blue

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Deep and Blue

Deep and Blue is another cool point-and-click adventure game made by Your mission is simple: Explore the world, help others and find the meaning of life. Click on objects and creatures solve the puzzles. You are a whale in the deep waters and the only aim for you is to escape each and every situation that you are brought into. Do you think you can make it out there every time?

Out back ancient building under the ocean in order to pass it or solve the puzzle before the evil shark swims your way to eat you alive. Dig out the treasure to give it to the mermaid and make everybody happy. Are you ready yet? Find out now and enjoy the deep blue sea online and for free on

Controls: Mouse


Deep And Blue: MenuDeep And Blue: Fish Point And ClickDeep And Blue: Shark Caught GameplayDeep And Blue: Shark Gameplay Point Click

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