Slingshot Jetpack

Rating: 4.2

(38 votes)

Slingshot Jetpack

Slingshot Jetpack is a fascinating flying and aiming game that will boost you into hours of fun and challenging action. Slingshots, jetpacks and targets. Have you ever combined all those elements? Don’t worry, does all the mixing for you with this free fun addicting online game.

Being launched by a slingshot with a jetpack attached to you is something you have never thought of, yet somehow you have always wanted. Once you are thrown from the slingshot, your task will be to collect gold coins in the air, use speed boosters and reach the end of each level first. Have fun with this free online game Slingshot Jetpack!

Controls: Mouse


Slingshot Jetpack: MenuSlingshot Jetpack: Gameplay FlyingSlingshot Jetpack: Gameplay CatapultSlingshot Jetpack: Gameplay Flying Rocket

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