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4x4 Games are awesome offroad driving and racing game for you to enjoy online and for free on Silvergames.com. What's better than a 2x4? Clearly a 4x4 which is at twice as awesome. That's why we here at Silvergames.com went out of our way - it was quite a drive, actually - to bring you the best and most entertaining 4x4 Games that the internet has to offer! Jump right in and take your engine off the road!

4x4 refers to cars with a four-wheel drive. These engines propel just two but all four wheels of the car. Doing so gives them enough power to move across all kinds of terrain, making them perfectly suitable for off-road shenanigans. Most of the 4x4 games you will find here, let you go on exciting racing adventures with your jeep or truck. You get to pull off amazing stunts, race through challenging courses and make your way across some of the harshest weather conditions in an attempt to make it to the finishing line first.

Do you have the guts to jump into these machines and tame the wilderness? Will you let your engine roar to announce to the world that the master of 4x4 games has arrived? Try out these fun racing simulators for free! There is a great selection of awesome games like Offroader v5, Vehicle Simulator, Offroad Mud Truck and many more. Much fun!

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