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What are Castle Games?

Castle Games are games about building and destroying fortresses and castles. In our top collection of the best castle games online at you will be responsible for ensuring the defense and protection of your castle. A castle is an enclosed, habitable defensive structure that had an important meaning especially in the Middle Ages, during which a large number of castle complexes were built in Europe. Nowadays, castles are architectural monuments and important cultural assets for tourism. 

Castles can be built with Minecraft blocks, Lego bricks and from sand. They often evoke fantasies of chivalry, royalty and the art of war. In our fun new games for 2 players, you will have to take down your opponents' fortress before they get ahead of you. Be a heroic knight in our addictive castle games and try to scale the formidable castle walls to free the princess inside. Fight the zombies and creepers in Minecraft and defend your castle against the evil forces.

Pick one of our crazy 2-player war games and use the catapults and bombs to level the enemy fortress. You can also defend your own castle with archers, battle towers and other technologies in our selection of the best multiplayer online games. Have fun with our princely collection, as always online and free on!

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