Driving School Games

What are Driving School Games?

Driving School Games are free racing and vehicle simulation games where players can learn how to drive like a professional. Get behind the wheel of a cool sports car and race on the challenging 3D tracks. Try to fit your huge truck or a bus on the tiny parking spot. Dash along the highway and take part in virtual races. In our online driving school games on Silvergames.com, you can even become a taxi driver and deliver passengers to the location of their choice as fast as possible.

Play free driving school games online and try to earn permission to drive all types of vehicles. Learn road signs and test your reactions speed on the road. Take a driving exam and try to avoid crashes and other traffic violations. Before you start playing, select your vehicle and surroundings. Park your car or a truck with as fewer mistakes as possible and don't bump into other players, cones and other obstacles.

Control your car, dash through some challenging tracks and try to overcome every obstacle on your way to the finish. In our online driving school games for free, you have to observe all the rules and prevent your vehicle from crashing. Complete virtual training before driving a real car.

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